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  • 120H Playback and 2600mAh Case:Each X18 earbud is equipped with a 35mAh battery that provides 7 hours of continuous music playback time. The charging case adopts a large capacity 2600mAh battery that can charge both earbuds an additional 16 times. As a result, both earbuds can obtain a total of 120 hours of continuous playback time. If you just using these earbuds 5H a day, no need to charge the case in a month. The charging case supports USB-C charging and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours.
  • IPX7 Waterproof and Digital Power Display:The internal components of wireless headphones are coated with IPX7 waterproof nano-coating, which completely prevents sweat and moisture immersion and protects the earbuds from damage. The LED power display on the top of the charging case makes it easy for you to check the remaining power of the case and the charging status of both earbuds. Once both earbuds are placed back into the charging case and the lid is closed, both headsets will begin charging.
  • HD Stereo Audio and Easy Operation:With 10mm speakers and the latest chips, our X18 noise cancelling headphones can deliver powerful bass, clear mids, and bright treble that can immerse you into music. With smart touch control, you can easily control play/pause, skip to previous/next track, adjust volume, answer/end calls, enable voice assistance, and more. This makes it very easy to control music and video playback via these wireless bluetooth earbuds.
  • Auto Connection and Bluetooth 5.3:Equipped with a hall switch,the X18 bluetooth wireless earphones connect automatically when the case is opened. After the initial connection,both earbuds will remember the device and connect automatically to your device when the case is opened again. Coupled with the latest bluetooth 5.3 technology, our X18 noise cancelling ear buds can quickly and stably transmit device signals, no delay or degradation in signal quality during music playback and calls.
  • Comfort Wearing with Secure Wingtips:The package includes wingtips in M and S sizes to keep the ear buds secure during exercise, along with 4 ear cap sizes (XL, L, M, S). The M size wingtips and ear caps are pre-installed on the left and right earbuds. With different sizes to choose from, you can select the most comfortable ear caps to wear. These bluetoooth wireless headphones are ideal for use in daily life, driving, office and sports activities.
  • Clear Call and Pocket Design:With the latest call noise reduction technology, the X18 microphone can capture your voice clearly and filter out external ambient noise, make people who have phone calls with you can hear you loud and clear. Additionally, the X18 charging case is incredibly compact, measuring just 0.35inL * 0.21inW * 0.13inH, making it easy to carry in your hand or store in your pocket or bag without taking up too much space.

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Product Dimensions

3.5 x 2.1 x 1.25 inches

Item Weight

4.2 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 24, 2023


Unisex Adult



Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 120H Playtime IPX7 Waterproof in-Ear Earphones Power Display Ear Buds with Mic and 2600mAh Charging Case for… için 3 değerlendirme

  1. Actual User

    I opened up these Tagry x18 earbuds as soon as they arrived earlier today. Within about 30 seconds they were paired with my iPhone and I was testing them out on a new Spotify play list (which I’m still listening to as I write this review). I’ve tried many other earbuds and none of them compare with the the overall sound quality/clarity of the Tagry’s. Have 2 pair of the older X08s and they are smooth throughout all the frequency ranges. These new X18s just became my new favorite ear buds. They just sound phenomenal and they’re actually comfortable. I haven’t taken them out since I put them in. I’m a musician (Berklee Grad) and really appreciate well balanced, clear, up-front sound, top to bottom. Sound that doesn’t end up giving you a headache after 30 minutes (you know those), and fit that doesn’t make your ears hurt. How they make these for the price they charge is beyond me. I have a massive home theater system in my living room and use studio monitor headphones when I need to be respectful to my family! I can’t wear them as long as these! They cost 10 times what the X18s cost and although they do sound awesome, these little Tagry x18s keep right up! One thing I really like about these over the older model is the way they fit. I have never had an ear bud fit so comfortably. I’ve had them in now for about 4 hours and it feels like they’re not even there. Just amazing… They also sound great across music genres (jazz, rock, country, etc.). I made a Test playlist of all my favorite songs that I really know. That way I know where I should hear certain things and where not! Surprisingly, I’ve heard a few things I don’t usually notice (the sign of a well balanced design). If you are looking for a very reasonably priced set of earbuds, you really need to try these. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. When you get them, make sure you fit them to your specific ear canal size with the parts they provide (that’s very important to get the full spectrum of sound and bass response). I had to fit the older model X08s to my ear canals. These just happened to fit my ears perfectly (a first) so I didn’t need to make any adjustments! The other thing many people may not know, if using music service/apps like Spotify (and others) is that you should go into your settings and adjust for the finest quality sound available. After that, take advantage of their graphic equalizers to adjust the music so it’s adjusted perfectly to your taste. Just pull the trigger and get em. You won’t be sorry!

  2. Actual User

    This is my 1st “total in ear” earbud. My package came with charging case, earbuds, USB C charging cable, extra earfins, and extra of eartips. The earbuds will have a set of earfins and eartips already installed. The charging case is the same size as keyboard mouse. The case is sleek, simple, and elegant. The earbuds fit discreetly in my ear. No one notices them while they are in my ears. It sits snub and secure without discomfort. The earbud itself is slightly smaller than a quarter. Not big and bulky as I thought, and it’s pleasantly in my ear. I have worn them several days now without difficulty. I have even worn them to the gym and had no issues during cardio or weight training. Not once, did they slip out. The earbuds had no issues with sweat. They were drenched during my workouts, and they did not malfunction once.
    I have a pair of the Tagry X08, but I like X18 a whole lot better. First of all, X08 has a tendency to slip out of my ears. During my treadmill sessions or laying on the weight bench, they seem to fall out. Tagry X18 better adapted for my ears. They haven’t fallen out yet. Also, the controls are easier on Tagry X18 vs X08. On the Tagry X08, I found myself constantly tapping the trying to master the volume, rewind, fast forward and pause control with no avail. The Tagry X18 earbuds are much easier to operate the volume, rewind, and fast forward controls because the control pad in a larger area and there’s no stem which makes it easier and simpler to maneuver.
    Sound Quality is good. The treble and mids are excellent. You really hear the brightness of the treble. And mids, they are also excellent. The vocals are clear and the instrument lead are great. I feel the bass could be deeper and more robust. There’s no drop. The deep texture is not there.
    The Noise Cancelling is excellent. I can’t hear any outside noise when they are in. I cannot hear people voices and the gym music when I have these earbuds in place. I’m isolated from the world. Several times I was startled because someone walked behind me. You will be isolated from the whole.
    There is no music leakage either. No one around can hear my music and won’t be disturbed.

    Battery Life is crazy. I have been using them for several days and I’m still above 90% on battery life.
    I’m not crazy about that I cannot use my charging pad like I can with the Tagry X08. I have to use the USB C charging cord. Hopefully they will remedy this in the future.

    All -n- All, It’s a great buy. I would recommend that you give them a try. They are certainly worth a try.
    These are much cheaper than their predecessors, the Tagry X08, and easier to operate, and less conspicuous. Give the Tagry X18 a try… Let me know what you think.

  3. SDCapeCod

    I wear earbuds every single day, whether I am working out at the gym, walking my dog or while doing work inside or out. What I have found is that some earbuds begin to hurt my ears after a certain amount of time. I need them to be comfortable for hours not just for 20 minutes. They also have to stay in place. There is nothing more irritating than having my earbuds fall out while I’m busy doing something.

    I and very happy with these earbuds. I exchanged the the medium size tip that came on the earbud with a smaller pair that came as an accessory. Now they fit my ears perfectly. And they are so comfortable! While making the video for this review, I actually forgot I had the earbuds in my ears. I opened up the case to show the earbuds and it was empty. At first. I was a bit confused, then I remembered they were in my ears. I think that is a fabulous example of how comfortable these earbuds are!

    What I also like about these earbuds is that they are easily controlled while in your ears. You only need to tap once to pause or to start it playing again. And then a quick double tap on the left earbud will take you to the previous track. While a quick double tap on the right earbud will take you to the next track. You can also turn your volume up by doing a long tap on the right earbud while it’s playing. Or if you need to turn the volume down, you simply do a long tap on the left earbud while it is playing.

    The other thing that is unique about this earbud case is that you can actually use it to charge your phone in an emergency. It does need to be fully charged and order to charge your phone, but that’s a great plus. The case has a connection for both USB and a C connector.

    I am extremely happy with these earbuds and plan to use them for many years to come. I can’t believe the low price that I paid for such a quality earbud set.

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