Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System with 2TB 16-Channel DVR and Ten 4K (8MP) Active Deterrence Cameras Featuring Smart Motion Detection and Smart Home Voice Control

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Brand: Lorex


  • 4K ULTRA HD – The security cameras in this bundle record 4K HD quality video; that’s more than 8 million pixels of superior detail and definition
  • ACTIVE DETERRENCE – These cameras feature motion-activated warning lights and remote-triggered sirens to deter unwanted guests
  • COLOR NIGHT VISION – Experience enhanced clarity and capture important details even at night thanks to Lorex’s exclusive Color Night Vision (Requires ambient lighting)
  • IP67 WEATHERPROOF – The cameras are built to withstand the elements are can operate in temperatures ranging from 131F/55C down to -40F/-40C
  • SMART MOTION DETECTION – The included DVR comes with smart person and vehicle detection on all channels that helps identify more important objects that enter the camera’s field of view and ensures you only receive push notifications for detected persons or vehicles

Package Dimensions: 381x521x14402

Details: Security camera systems have always served as an effective deterrent. This new system from Lorex, however, adds a whole new level of defense thanks to security cameras equipped with motion activated LED lights and a remotely triggered siren. These cameras also feature crystal clear 4K recording and Color Night Vision to ensure you capture all the details, all the time. A sixteen-channel 4K Digital Video Recorder also allows you to add further cameras if wish. In the end, there’s nothing safer than simply preventing incidents before they happen, which is exactly what this system is built to do.

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