Our Services



Global Express offers delivery, import and export services in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main list of our services:

  •  International Courier Service

  • Domestic Courier Service

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Storage and Distribution

 International Courier Service

Your international delivery service will be pleasure for you  in both terms of time and price. Average delivery time is 3/5 days and İt is cheap and have quality. Compared with other international courier services, it is very affordable. Our staff will be happy to assist you in delivering them.
We have the opportunity to send international deliveries not only from Azerbaijan to any foreign countries but also from abroad to Azerbaijan or cross crossing. The delivery service is carried out by aviation.

Картинки по запросу international courier services

Domestic Courier Service

This includes delivery to any region on the territory of the city of Baku and in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in general. There is also a delivery notification service to the customer.

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Logistics and Transportation

Delivery from the Republic of Azerbaijan to neighboring countries or delivery from the neighboring countries to the Republic of Azerbaijan is in your service. It is suitable for delivery of heavy and bulky goods and equipment here. These carriages are also carried out with special vehicles.
Airport-to-airport service is place for you.

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Storage and Distribution

Our large warehouse complex will assist you in importing or exporting operations, as well as internal distribu- tion operations. By means of this service we can arrange storage and delivery of your goods in warehouses. This proposal may be of interest for Internet shops and importers who want to operate in Azerbaijan.

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