Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Big Bass, 6 Mics, Clear Calls, Multi Mode Noise Cancelling, Wireless Charging, Soundcore App…

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  • Incredible Sound Loved By 20 Million+ People
  • Pocket-Sized Pop of Color: Life P3 noise cancelling earbuds come in 5 eye-catching colors to pair with your personal style. And the ultra-compact case fits effortlessly in small bags or pockets.
  • Fueled By The Beat: Life P3 noise cancelling earbuds’ thumping sound is produced by custom 11mm composite drivers. Activate BassUp mode in the app to further intensify bass in real-time.
  • Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling: Sync the noise cancelling to your location for an optimized experience. Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes are each tailored to block out irritating background noises in each environment.
  • Enhanced Call Performance: Life P3 noise cancelling earbuds have 6 microphones and an exclusive algorithm to tune out background noises. Your voice will be heard clearly on calls, video chats, livestreams, and more.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2.56 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches

Item Weight

2.24 ounces

Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 29, 2021



7 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Big Bass, 6 Mics, Clear Calls, Multi Mode Noise Cancelling, Wireless Charging, Soundcore App…

  1. Ari Sydney

    Sound: 7/10
    Fit: 5/10
    Active Noise Cancelling: 5/10
    Transparency: 6.5/10
    App: 9/10
    Battery: 7/10
    Value: 8/10

    So I got these on sale for $76 CAD instead of $99 MSRP, so keep that in mind.

    The sound is shockingly good for the price. The mid and high frequencies are super clear. The bass is definitely present but honestly kind of pretty muddy. The bass boost mode in the app makes it louder but less clear. Instrument separation is only okay, but great for the price.

    The ANC is clearly an afterthought, but nice to have, specifically the transparency.

    It comes with a lot of earbud sizes, but even with those the fit are not very snug. They could have benefited from wingtip. The made the bud thicker with thin stems. That looks good but makes the buds fall out of smaller ears over time, and using smaller tips makes the ANC work far worse.

    The app is really, really good. It blows much bigger companies totally out of the water, and the only thing I’d like to see them add is a frequency test to rule out frequencies that my ear won’t hear.

    I took this on a 4.5 hour walk and had no battery issues at all, never needing a recharge. ANC was on for about 90 minutes.

    It’s great value for the money, really really good. But if you have small ears be aware it might not fit well. If they put in wingtips the overall value would jump a whole point for me. Hint hint for the future there Anker.

  2. Raja_B

    This is a tough review to write! At my home, wherever I turn, there is a Bose product! I own a Bose QC (Quiet Comfort) Earbud pair and also have a Bose SoundSport Free earbud set which I have owned before the QC. I have read many of the reviews on this product, particularly the 1 star ones. So here goes:
    1. Build and finish quality: Superb. The ones I got are original, obviously brand new. Some people said they got used ones. Such a pity. Beautifully finished; I bought the Oat White color.
    2. Sound quality is rich and full. Perhaps not quite up to the Bose QC standard maybe but it is hard to tell. I have to remember that the Anker is one-third the price of the QC. All said and done, I am quite pleased with the sound quality. But I won’t lie: around home, if I have to pick up a pair to enjoy music, I will likely choose the Bose QC earbuds. But if I’m riding in a taxi or on a plane, this Anker P3 will likely be what I’ll use.
    3. Noise cancelling: what I initially disliked about these earbuds is that with noise cancelling on, I could not hear my wife say anything; I had to take them off to listen to her, no matter what the noise cancelling mode! Then I discovered that there are three modes on the app: Noise Cancelling, Transparency, and Normal. At home I keep the sound in “Transparency” mode, turning off all noise canceling. It shuts a fair amount of sound as it is because the tips fit quite snug. In transparency, I can even hear the quiet hum of our refrigerator. But I really can tell that the noise cancelling works. You have to install the app on any device you use to control the sound features like noise canceling. I just installed it on my Galaxy Tab A7 as well as my Galaxy S10.
    4. Comfort: excellent in my opinion; I used the ear tips that were on the buds; there are 4 other choices included. Just twist them forwards gently and they stay securely in place. Whereas I had a Jabra 85T and they kept falling off no matter which tips I chose.
    5. The app works fine overall. But I’m a kind who is forever switching from my cellphone to my A7 Tablet. With Bose, it is so easy to switch; not with this guy. I have to put the earbuds in the case, press and hold a button in the case, and connect the other device. Kind of a nuisance, really. With Bose you get a voice telling you what device you are connected to but not with this Anker.
    6. Phone quality: I find it very satisfactory. I still have to figure out all the touch controls about how to answer and end calls, volume up and down, skip track in music, and so on.
    So what is the bottom line? I am keeping them, absolutely! I paid $77 and I do not expect the sound and feature quality of the Bose QC earbuds, $280 retail. But really, the Anker P3 earbuds are unbeatable at the price. I think they will be very handy during travel and I won’t worry about losing them as much as I would my Bose QCs. I may travel with the Anker in my pocket and the Bose in my carryon. The case is so much smaller than my Bose QC case, so people won’t think I’m packing a small gun in my pocket, haha! That’s it, people, my 2 cents worth. I am an audiophile, and I know you won’t be disappointed. I’ve only used them for an hour at a time so far so I cannot talk about battery life yet.

  3. Naglfarslayer

    These were everything I wanted in new, EXPENSIVE (>$30) headphones.

    TL;DR: Great sound range (incl. prominent bass), satisfactory battery life (3-4 hours per charge; case gives ~2-3 recharges), and easy accessibility (two-step connection to device; the SoundCore app has a good widget). They are acceptable for voice calls, however they seem to pick up a lot of ambient background noise (papers shuffling, keyboard clicking, etc.), and my callers say the sound quality is better on my iPhone SE 2020 without the headphones, than with them.

    ONLY COMPLAINTS: very rarely but consistently, the sound will cut out for ~2 seconds before coming back – I believe this occurs when too many other wireless devices are nearby, as it has not happened at all the past 2 hours I’ve sat here at my work desk after-hours, but it happens every 1-2 minutes in the gym around many people wearing wireless headphones – CONSULT OTHER REVIEWS to see what the consensus is; I’m used to it by now – it’s not a surprise and I miss very little in that small 1-2 sec window.
    NOTE that in-ear headphones naturally block out a lot of sound; ‘Transparency Mode’ helps to artificially add back in some environmental noise, but it is difficult to reliably hear people talk nearby.

    OVERALL: I’m very satisfied with the Anker Life P3. The sound quality is very nice (for a normie lol), the battery stays alive for several hours and charges quickly when returned to the case, and it easily pairs with Bluetooth devices.

    The origin story:

    I was reluctant to switch to wireless headphones due to the high prices and ease of losing track of them. I had to switch due to upgrading phones (iPhone SE to iPhone SE 2020, can’t you tell I’m a cheapskate lol), and exhaustively researched wireless headphones to find a budget-end pair that still boasted good quality.

    My priorities were something reliable that would survive through long days in the (chemistry) lab, and during workouts (generic 30-45 min weightlifting or cardio). Many reviews recommended the Anker Life P3 as a solid entry on the lower-mid price range, although AirPods tended to remain the gold standard albeit at a notably higher price. Due to the consistent recommendation between reviewers (website and YouTube), I decided to go for it.

    The Anker Life P3 met my purchasing goals to a T (and I ride Boston’s T system now, so I would know!).

    FIT: The fit feels nice, and the multiple pairs of rubber ear adapters give a chance for all ear sizes to feel comfortable. They don’t fall out easily even when I run (both on the treadmill and *real* running), and they feel secure as I walk around. Minor irritation when my ears decide the ‘foreign objects’ need to leave, although this is rare.

    SOUND: I’ve listened to songs I’ve played for most of my life, and these earphones have brought out parts of the arrangement I have NEVER heard before. The bass is strong, so the full range of sound is there (no ‘weak’ or ‘high’ headphone sound here). In my opinion, the sound is powerful but balanced. Equalizers can probably tweak the sound if you prefer a different mix, but these bad boys can sure thump if you want them to!

    BATTERY: I usually give up before these headphones do. My typically listening sessions go between 30 min to 3 h and I’ve never had the batteries die on me. They *feel* like they quickly recharge when returned to the case, which provides another 2-3 full charges. The case can be separately recharged using the USB-C to USB-A cable provided; this takes longer, so charge the case overnight and it will keep the headphones charged for the entirety of the next day. Hardcore music marathoners may be less enthused by the battery life, but the Anker Life P3 has a longer lifespan than me!

    ACCESSIBILITY: I find the Life P3 to be easy to handle, although the initial linking was a bit confusing (and I already forgot how I did it!). When the headphone case is open, the three front lights turn/stay on for a few seconds. Then, the lights ignite in an alternating pattern, which is when the headphones are seeking a Bluetooth partner. On a device that knows the headphones, clicking on ‘Soundcore Life P3’ on the Bluetooth list will initiate the pairing, and then you’re ready to go! To disconnect, you can remove it from the device, turn off the device Bluetooth, or return the headphones to the case and close the case. Unpaired headphones can be immediately paired with another device without having to be returned to the case. Re-cased headphones will immediately pause music/video streaming on the paired device (on Apple products, in my experience). The ‘Soundcore’ app for phones (haven’t seen it for Mac) is very useful, as it provides some EQ’s and the Noise Cancellation or Transparency modes. It also provides a widget for quick access to the Cancellation/Transparency/Normal modes for convenient toggling without having to open the app.
    Note: The headphone stems have two or three swipe features. I use these sparingly and have not investigated them further. One gesture skips to the next audio (song skip or ‘next YouTube video in queue’) which is convenient when desired; sometimes it takes me several attempts to gesture in a way the headphones will recognize, but more practice will likely help that.

    OTHER: As with all in-ear headphones, these naturally block a good 70% of external noise, and loud music will take out another 10-15% on top of that. It is near-impossible to hear people speaking to me with these headphones in; at most I get an inaudible, deep rumble that tells me someone is trying to speak to me. This is fine if you’re prepared for it, but it is inconvenient to remove one headphone every time someone speaks to me – consider your intended use and how common this will be for you. The noise cancellation works very well, IMO, as only minor vibrations and deep sounds come through; I’ve experienced no intelligible talking in the background with that feature on, and bus/subway rides only have a deep hum characteristic of public transportation.

    ONE COMPLAINT: As mentioned in the TL;DR above, the sound does cut out for 1-2 seconds rarely, although this becomes more common in crowded ares with a higher density of wireless headphones. My hypothesis is that too much Bluetooth air traffic makes it difficult to stay connected to the signal, but I have no idea. This has only been a major issue in the gym, where the phenomenon seems frequent and consistent; I’ve only taken these to the gym two or three times, though. Check other reviews!

    OVERALL: I am quite satisfied with these headphones. $70 for exactly what I wanted? YES! When I inevitably drop one of the headphones down a storm drain, I will definitely look for another pair of Anker Life P3, or consider their other similar products.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for ages for a reasonably priced set of earbuds. I must admit this was about the 3rd option I tried and wish I had started with this! Unlike most including the likes of the more expensive brands like Jabbra I find these comfortable to wear for long periods. You can wear just one bud as well bonus. Even comfy to have in when resting head on hand or pillow etc.
    Noise cancelling could be better but for the price it is more than adequate and again better than some of the other makes I have tried.
    Sound quality is great, really surprised me I would not have expected that for what I paid, top marks!
    Definitely great value for money.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Victoria O’Neill

    I used this product for a week, first few days I loved them, good sound quality, good noise cancelling, easy to pair and holds charge, the app is easy to use, and the colour was so nice (blue).

    After 2 days I went back to work and discovered if I did any talking while using them they fall out, zoom meetings, phone calls, I was always pushing them back in before they’d be on the floor.
    Same goes for when I would eat something, any movement of my jaw and they would fall out.
    I tried all the different heads that come with it, tried different angels in my ear, nothing worked.

    In the end I returned them as although they were lovely to listen to, ultimately as a counsellor I bought to use during my online sessions and I can’t be seen to be fiddling with my headphones every 5 minutes when I push them back in.

    So if buds stay in your ears well and you want a midrange set these are great ,if you have had problems getting headphones to stay in your ears I’d say maybe go for something you can customise a little more for a better stay in fit.

  6. Dawit B.

    I like the Gaming mode future, duel connect, qi wireless charging, comfort without ear fatigue, full control on the earbuds itself, the Soundcore App to rture the music to your liking, the budget price.
    Ambient sound is not bad its not was good as the top tier earbuds but for the budget price they’re doing a good Job can’t complain.
    Noise cancellation could have been better but they are doing descent job of blocking low to mid frequency noises, like Car engine noise,ac noises,aeroplane engine noises etc. ANC comes in three mode Transport, Indoor and outdoor modes, indoor being the strongest of them all overall ANC is one of the best for earbuds under 100 bucks.
    Battery life is descent, I’ve got 6hrs 2mins with ANC on and 7hrs16mins with ANC off Very good battery life.
    Overall pretty descent battery life.
    Volume on these earbuds are solid, they’re come in solid and strong 9/10. Noticeable improvement Over Some of Sound core earbuds in this price rouge.
    Sound on these earbuds has got the Sound core signature sound so it’s dynamic, they are packing some bass they’re strong bass punch they’re bass heads earbuds bass heads unite it bringing it for you. strong bass impact and good sub-bass as well.

    The Mids are neutral to recess side it’s not forward in your face it’s a V-shape type of sound and it can be improved with the EQ adjust the bass to your liking pull out a lot of clarity while maintaining a good bass.

    Treble it’s got the voice and instruments clarity it’s really good,good separation between voice and instruments.
    Some cons ANC could have been strong and the ambient sound is not the strongest out there I would say but hey these are a budget TWS earbuds considering their price overall they are one of the top performing budget TWS under 100 bucks if you buy these you’ll be very happy.

  7. Cetinszn

    My Life P2 had broken and I bought P3 to replace them. So I’m going to compare two models. Also I’m not a music gurme. Mostly using these headphones to watch streams, play games and phone calls. P2 was also a great headphone but P3 is definitely an upgrade. Volume is little bit higher than P2. Sitting on your ear is way secure in P3. Once I fell asleep with P3 headphone(right) and it was still on my ear when I woke up. My old P2 was constantly falling from my ears. Connectivity is faster and more stable in P3. But to be honest I was using my old P2 with both my laptop and phone. Now P3 is only connected to my phone. As soon as I lift the lid of the case, the earphones connect to my phone. Battery goes a long way, for me daily usage is approximately 2-3 hours and it lasts for a week. I’m also glad that they added 3 tiny led lights to the case to show battery amount rather than announcing it everytime you put your headphones. But they also removed the melody to inform you that earphones has connected. First couple weeks I’ve checked my phone’s screen to see whether it’s connected but now I don’t need to check cos I know connection will be successful every single time. The only thing I’m not happy and missed about P2 is the buttons. P3 is being control by touch. For example you have to double tap to accept a call. But it’s so hard to make it work. The touch motion is not sensitive thankfully so you are not interrupted by accidental touches. Maybe it’s just me but I still can’t used to and still using my phone to accept calls or pause/play etc. The buttons on P2 were both convenient and working smoothly.

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