Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Dynamic Crystal-Clear Sound and Ergonomic Custom-Fit Earpieces (S/M/L), 3.5mm Jack for…

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  • Wired in ear headphones perfect for exercising; with 3 sets of ear pads (S/M/L), Headphones stay in your ears while keeping surrounding noise out
  • Ergo fit Design for Perfect fit Ultra Soft Ergofit in ear earbud Headphones conform Instantly to Your ears (S/M/L ear pads Included for a Perfect fit)
  • Smartphone compatible Panasonic in ear Headphones with integrated microphone and remote are compatible with Apple (iphone/ iPod/ iPad), Android and Blackberry Audio devices
  • In ear stereo Audio tonally balanced Audio with crisp highs and deep low Notes, plus wider frequency response and lively sound quality for recorded audio
  • Extended Headphone cord long, 3.6 Feet cord threads comfortably through clothing and Bags making it easy to connect

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3.6 x 6.75 x 3.25 inches

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1.41 ounces

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October 1, 2018



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9 reviews for Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Dynamic Crystal-Clear Sound and Ergonomic Custom-Fit Earpieces (S/M/L), 3.5mm Jack for…

  1. M. Leveille

    I wanted a comfortable headset for zoom/skype calls as well as well as listening to music. I spent ages looking around and settled on these, almost in spite of their price. They didn’t disappoint. People comment on the good mike sound when I’m on a call, and when Iisten to recordings of zoom calls I’ve been on, the sound quality is more pleasing that of some people wearing obviously expensive headsets with a mike near the mouth. It’s a mellow but clear sound, not precise but harsh like many. The sound on the earbuds is also very pleasant.
    It doesn’t seem prone to clothes rustling sounds transmitting to the mike, like many of this sort, or cable rustling sounds coming thru to the earbuds, although of course some of that happens.
    The connector feels sturdy, and hopefully less prone to disintegration that the straight connectors.
    And the hype is true, the earbuds themselves fit very neatly and comfortably.
    I’ve only had them a few weeks, so longevity is unknown.
    I dont usually review items, but felt that this deserves a shout-out, and I’d happily pay double the price.

  2. Cade M.

    I purchased a pair of these earphones in December 2017 due to the overwhelming number of positive reviews. When they first arrived I was so happy with the sound quality, comfort level in-ear, and their ability to block outside noise. I use my headphones for schoolwork or to watch movies on my computer; I am by no means rough with them, I store them carefully, I’d had my last pair for 8 years, etc. However, only one month after purchase, the left earphone suddenly shorted out and ceased working. I attempted to return them through Amazon and was instead told to contact Panasonic directly.

    I tried numerous times to use the Panasonic website’s live chat support feature but kept getting a message that there were no employees on live chat at this time (no matter what time of day I tried). I then called their 1-888 support number and the first thing the automated message warned me was that I risked being charged a $9.99 service fee for help if I continued with the phone call and if my product turned out not to be covered under warranty. Given that I didn’t know if the earphones were still covered under any limited warranty, I opted to just hang up at that point, write off my money spent, and order a second pair. They arrived on January 25, 2018, and again, I was satisfied. Less than two weeks later, while watching a homework video, the right earphone suddenly shorted out and stopped working.

    I called Panasonic again figuring that this time it had to be covered under some warranty at less than 2 weeks old. The customer service rep sent me the e-mail instructions to submit my proof of purchase for both pairs and I later received an e-mail back with the instructions for shipping the headphones. They stated that I was only allowed to ship the product in one specific type of corrugated cardboard container, that it needed to be certain size of that container, and that I would need to pay for tracking and insurance on the product on top of the shipping. The total amount for shipping cost more than THREE pairs of these headphones and they wouldn’t guarantee that they would send me two new pairs to replace the two broken ones.

    This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a purchase from Amazon. I was disappointed and frustrated that I could not conduct my return directly through Amazon and have a replacement sent to me or my money refunded like is usually the case on Amazon, but instead had to do the whole runaround with Panasonic, and I still don’t know whether Panasonic will honor its warranty and send me two new pairs. Based on the number of positive reviews for these earphones it seems like I did just get unlucky (twice) with defective pairs, however, if you’re one of those unlucky ones you can count your money spent as lost based on the incredible hassle and lack of good customer service to make it right.

  3. Ram McD

    This are cheap rubbish rather than being a Panasonic level product. The sound quality is poor, the connection to my phone is poor (so I kept loosing sound when trying to make a call with the phone in my top pocket). They are even difficult to fit comfortably in my ears (I have relatively narrow openings in my ears to fit these in). Very disappointing.

    The only good thing I can say about them is I actually liked the blue/teal colour they came in (making them easier to spot than all black items).

  4. Husam Alrehaili

    When I first opened these they fit very comfortable in my ears. When I tried listening to them the sound in the right ear kept shorting out. Went to Amazon to try to return them and learned I could not return them even though I had just purchased them a few days ago. Instead I was given the phone number to Panasonic customer support. I was disconnected twice from customer support while they tried to transfer me to the right person. I realize these headphones we’re only $8 but it’s the principle of it that they make you jump through all of these hoops from the manufacturer to return a defective product. Normally Amazon returns items quickly with little effort. Given all of the positive reviews of these headphones I am assuming I just got a defective pair.
    UPDATE: I called Panasonic to start a return. They told me I would have to ship the $8 earbuds to them first then they would fix them and send them back to me. Very disappointed as it would cost me at least that much to ship them in the first place. Not a fan of Panasonic right now and surely will never buy any Panasonic headphones again.

  5. S. H. O. Moss

    Ive been using various headphones for over 40 years, for personal enjoyment and also professionally. I have headphones costing over £200 that are 20+ years old, they still sound fantastic, although various pads have had to be replaced.

    Over the years I’ve bought cheaper models for travelling about- usually never costing more than £30. I took a chance on these due to all the great reviews… What an utter disappointment- the design is RUBBISH the sound is DREADFUL- an amazing combination of discomfort and headache inducing EQ- these are calibrated for someone with hearing impairment… or designed to cause it! That’s if yopu can get them to stay in your ears for more than 10 minutes- if you’re moving about you have no chance unless you’ve sellotaped them to your head.
    I don’t know if the positive review for these are fake/ paid for or by people with no clue.

    The design is intriguing -yet terrible in practice- the old fashioned ‘slight angle’ earphones are so much more comfortable and easier to position for more or less bass-to get a full bass sound with these they have to be angled in such a way that they’ become intrusive, and then the bass is far to overwhelming.

    You can get better sounding, more comfortable earphones for half the price of these-even though they seem good value from the spec. I tried them for several days and now they’re in a box full of useless tat.

  6. D. Berzack

    A couple years ago, I ordered five well-rated headphones at once to compare quality over price. These were the overall winner, and I’ve purchased several more over time.

    Unfortunately, the latest batch is a completely different product. Either Panasonic started skimping on production or these are cheap counterfeits (more likely). I just plugged these into my electronic drum kit and literally could not hear the kick drum’s bass sound at all. I thought my kit was messed up, but instead plugged in an older pair of these and noticed not only a clear rolling bass, but all of the sounds were much fuller and richer.

    It’s a shame that Amazon isn’t doing anything about counterfeiting. The positive reviews here are outdated and worthless.

  7. Husam Alrehaili

    They have two different qualities from the same product. I bought one at the beginning that I was totally satisfied with the quality. Around a month later, I ordered another one for my brother. It turned out the new one has a really cheap quality and it doesn’t work and have so many issues.My brother noticed that even the call answering button was on the left cord, usually it is on the right cord. So I checked the

    Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Mic/Controller RP-TCM125-W (White)

     packaging and it turned out the packaging was different from the first one I got. Even the quality of the packaging was a cheap quality packaging. Also, same products have different barcode numbers and different model numbers. The cheap quality has an instruction paper that was in the packaging and most of it was written in Chinese. I’m totally disappointed since I felt that was clearly deception. I ordered a replacement for the one I got and I got another one with the same good quality. That’s where I believe that they are cheating on customers.

  8. Phil

    So here’s the thing: in recent years I’ve spent way, way more than I care to admit on headphones. I have been trying desperately to find the perfect sound.

    Still haven’t found it, but, I’ve come to realize one very simple fact: convenience, comfort, and fit are more important than absolute audio quality. These buds nail that mix. They produce about 85% the sound quality as the best audio I’ve heard, and fit exactly right for my ears like truly nothing else on the market.

    My previous go-tos were a pair of pricey earbuds with memory foam tips, and also “audiophile” Yuin PK1s that look like circa 1990 Gameboy earbuds.

    And yet… the memory foam buds were also too bulky for the foam to make a difference to fit… the PK1s are phenomenal when they are seated JUST SO in your ear, but don’t you dare move your head, and anything approaching workout use is laughable. High end open backed over-ear 600ohm requires-an-amp cans may sound great, but are completely impractical for day to day use and travel scenarios (unless you’re “that guy/gal” – and please don’t be).

    So here’s what I propose: forget the high end stuff and buy several pairs of these Panasonics. Throw one into your laptop/book bag, your purse/murse, your desk drawer… use and abuse them day in, day out. When they break, buy them again. They’re cheap, and they work great.

    Other stuff:

    – Good bass, curtailed highs… far from reference, but well suited to the modern pop musics the kids listen to these days
    – Don’t need a mic? You can save a few bucks and buy the HJE-120s instead
    – Short-ish chord is great for mobile use, but when seated at a desk don’t forget they’re in your ears if you try to stand up (ouch)
    – There’s an audiophile term for when you can hear the wire moving and jostling about through the earbud. Can’t remember what it is, but it applies to these
    – Very, very, very good fit. Leads to good bass, good sound isolation, and you simply forget they’re there and focus on the music instead
    – Inline mic works! Surprisingly good quality in quiet environments, but clearly omnidirectional and prone to picking up ambient noise

  9. KFamily

    I’ve bought this model of Panasonic headphones numerous times before. I believe these are fakes. They came in small pouches instead of the usual hard plastc shell packaging. Also, the description said that 3 pairs of different sizes soft earpads were included, but I didn’t get them. I can’t use them because the pads are too big for my ears. Buyer beware!

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